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Slow Cooker - Honey Balsamic Glazed Pork Shoulder

1-1½ kg pork shoulder
½ Dl liquid honey
4 Dl beef broth
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
¼ Dl balsamic vinegar
¼ Dl white wine vinegar
½ Dl whipping cream

Butter the slow cooker inside. Rub the pork shoulder with salt and pepper and put it in the cooker. Drizzle the pork with honey. Blend broth, Worcestershire sauce and vinegar and pour it in the cooker.
Set on Medium for 7½ hours.

Pour most of  the liquid in a pan and add whipping cream. Let cook and thicken with 2 tbsp flour stirred / shaken in cold water. Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture. Stir it in the boiling broth a little at a time while you stir or whip the sauce. Let it boil on low heat a couple of minutes.
Serve with new potatoes, rhubarb compote and a salad.

The Durrells - Books, TV-series, Zoo

Second part of the series: The Durrells  is being broadcast at the moment by  SVT1. Here it is called  "Enkeltbillet til Korfu"(One way ticket to Corfu). It is a nice revisit, although the TV-series  aren't completely true to the books. The first series were broadcast on  TV Charlie and it was called "Min familie og andre dyr"(My Family and Other Animals. A third series have been made.

It made me find my books written by respectively Gerald Durrell and Alexander Durrell.

The TV-series are based on Gerald Durrells books about his family, first and foremost based on My Family and Other Animals. It is a funny description of his family, who are moving to Corfu to get a fresh start.
The Family consists of (Louisa (mother) and four children - Larry (the author Alexander Durrell), Leslie (keen user of firearms), Gerry (Gerald Durrell- animal lover) and Margo (teenage girl). The books and the series are funny, cosy feel-good descriptions of a rather peculiar family an…

Creme de Sureau and Walnut Schnapps

I got this bottle of Creme de Sureau for my birthday. It is made by a Danish firm called  Norlic
It is a Danish liqueur made from organic elderberries, and it tastes really good.
It is enjoyable a Danish firm makes liqueurs. They also make one on rhubarb, strawberry and vanilla, which I guess I have to taste 😋🍹.
Another of their liqueurs are made with green walnuts. I have made schnapps on green walnuts, and that was fine, but as all schnapps you make it gets better if it is allowed to "mature" a couple of years before drinking.

Walnut Schnapps
8 green  walnutsWash the walnuts thoroughly,  pierce them with a  pin and put in a bottle. Fill the bottle with vodka and let  soak for 3-4 weeks. Filter and age a couple of years.  Use it  to add to a schnapps., don't drink it as it is.
You can also cut the walnuts in halves instead of piercing them. . It gives you two different colored schnapps. The pierced is blue-green, and the one with walnuts in halves is yellow-green. They…

Wisteria and Lilac

The Wisteria is also lushly blossoming at the moment. It is 13 years old, and really got a hold now. It is still set back in a hard winter though.

The beans (haricot vert) has been sown and the swallows fly into the house, so we need to keep the doors closed.

This Lilac is different from the common lilacs we have, and we were told it is called a Chinese Lilac. Whether that is right I don't know.

Lemon Cake

Again it was nice to be able to pick lemon balm  in the garden. I had bought organic lemons, and they don't keep for very long, but usually it is a better buy to take three at a time. Sometimes I freeze the juice in ice cube trays, but this time I  used some in a lemon cake.

Lemon Cake
2 eggs Stir everything together and bake for ½ hour at 200 degrees.

When the cake has cooled you make the icing. Pour lemon juice little by little in the icing sugar while stirring. When it has the right consistency, you put it on the cake. 2 Dl sugar 1 Dl rapeseed oil ½ Dl water ½ Dl lemon juice 3½ Dl flour 1½ tsp vanilla sugar 1½ tsp baking soda grated lemon peel from 1 lemon 1 handful of lemon balm finely chopped
Icing: 1½ Dl icing sugar juice from approx. ½ lemon

Quince Tree, Filippa and Rhododendron

Almost every day has its own flowers.

We haven't had fruit on the Quince Tree yet, but with all the fine flowers I guess there will be some this year.   The apple trees are also blooming now, and this year lots of flowers on the Filippa Apple Tree.

Filippa is a Danish apple tree, which originates from Fyn.

The Rhododendrons also with flowers:

Dish Cloth 54

Cast on 60 stitches and knit 6 rows and then pattern. When the cloth has the desired length, knit 6 rows and bind off.


1.row: 1 p, 3 k, 2 p, 4 k, 1 p, 4 k, 2 p, 3 k 2.row: 2 p, 2 k, 4 p, 3 k, 4 p, 2 k, 3 p 3.row: 2 k, 2 p, 4 k, 2 p, 1 k, 2 p, 4 k, 2 p, 1 k 4.row: 2 k, 4 p, 2 k, 3 p, 2 k, 4 p, 2 k, 1 p 5.row: 2 p, 4 k, 2 p, 5 k, 2 p, 4 k, 1 p 6.row: 4 p, 2 k, 3 p, 1 k, 3 p, 2 k, 4 p, 1 k 7.row: 4 k, 2 p, 3 k, 3 p, 3 k, 2 p, 3 k 8.row: 2 p, 2 k, 3 p, 2 k, 1 p, 2 k, 3 p, 2 k, 3 p 9.row: 2 k, 3 p, 2 k, 2 p, 3 k, 2 p, 2 k, 3 p, 1 k 10.row: as row 8 11.row: as row 7 12.row: as row 6 13.row: as row 5 14.row: as row 4 15.row: as row 3 16.row: as row 2 17.row: as row 1 18.row: 1 k, 3 p, 2 k, 7 p, 2 k, 3 p, 2 k 19.row: 1 k, 2 p, 3 k, 2 p, 5 k, 2 p, 3 k, 2 p 20.row: 1 p, 2 k, 2 p, 3 k, 3 p, 3 k, 2 p, 2 k, 2 p 21.row: as row 19 22.row: as row 18